Artist Statement

I have always intended my art to convey a message, for it to speak to both experts on art and the everyman who accidentally walks into an exhibition. The problems ordinary people face, injustice, inequality in our world, life and death are main themes which provide a springboard into different projects. 

Usually I paint or draw my artistic ideas. I paint and draw at least one artwork every day. The artistic styles vary - my works often feature a lot of people, beings, faces, eyes. Underground culture (spontaneus alternative), cartoonish expression, the combined effect of text and image are elements found in my works. I utilize several different art forms in addition to drawing and painting: comic or graphic nove, printmaking, performance, music. There are several musical projects, in the style of punk/metal/noise/disco etc. At the moment I am planning and making, among others, a book (365: first year), an animation, a graphic novel, interactive video and photographic works.