Late in march 2013 I started the art project 365. The rules I drafted for the project are:

1. Make at least one new artwork every day.
2.No censorship, every image has to be published.
3.When the piece is done, publish it to Social Media(Homepage,Instagram and Facebook).
4. Do not repeat the same image.
5. Each piece is and artwork in itself, although it is also part of the greater artwork 365.
Art had, with this project, become what I wanted it to be. Art is an important part of me. I do and create new every day.

So far I have made about 2100 works in the series. I see the project or the process as a part of my life work. The artistic career is the foundation on which I build my house. Together with my family it brings greater content to my life.

Practicing my profession every day refines me and makes me better. Like a musician, e.g. a guitarist, must practice his instrument every day, the artist must keep his brush wet in order to make progress. If the musician takes a break, he can still play after the break, but a sort of rusting can be discernible in his output. Likewise an artist, having taken a long break from art can still hold a pencil, but ideas and producing or the personal touch which makes the works unique is missing. I don’t want to claim that all artists should practice their art every day, but I believe that the more you do, the better you get. This is a rule that encompasses everything we do in life.

At this page you can look for  statement for 365, Video about project at YLE's culture program kollektivet interviewed by Peter Lütge(I'm sorry it's in swedish, I hope I can translate it in future), 365 year wallpapers  and 365  year galleries, other cool stuff coming soon.